In the frames of the exhibition 'Ice cream. The melting story of Ice' the BMMF organises two conferences.

Sunday 27/11/2016

Geneviève Lacroix, historian (language: French)

Lecture-tasting about the story of bread

The bread is the traditional food in our regions since milleniums. But what kind of bread is it ? From which cereals ? In what forms is it made ? Geneviève Lacroix, historian and speaker specialized in gastronomy will propose you a lecture of one hour about the story of bread in Western Europe, throughout mythes, wars, fears and taboos, arts, from Antiquity to present days. A tasting of different kinds of breads will follow the presentation.

Time: 14:00

€ : 12/10/8€

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Geneviève Lacroix, historian (language: French)

Ice cream, chills and delights. Several centuries of delights and coldness art.

Sunday 19/03/2017

Ice cream, sorbet, ice, ice blocks, popsicle, freeze rolls, … What really are these small sweets and how long time have they belonged to gastronomy ? If the mastering of fire is an essential factor in the Human’s evolution, what about coldness ? How is it seen by medicine, moralists, tasters, society, from Antiquity to present days ? Could children eat these strange preparations, got by complex technical ? And overall, how to produce, conserve and consume these melting fragile and fleeting sweets ? Recipes, suitable tools, official cookies, crazy imagination, ‘ice creams’ represent a different world into gastronomy. We invite you to discover the animated history of ‘ice creams’ in Western Europe, from prehistory until now.

Time: 14h00

€: Included in the entrance price

Without reservation