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23.09.2011 > 31.08.2012: Sweet Candy! The sweet   history of candy

Sweets, toffee, sugared almond, fruit paste…

Those sweet words, reminiscent of our unforgettable childhood memories, remind us of a pure joy, of something totally dispensable. Every period, every town has its own specialty: honey almonds during Antiquity, Asian sesame crepes, Belgian cuberdons and babeluttes, Montargis pralines, cotignacs from Orléans, Brazilian brigadeiros, and so on.

The Brussels Museum for Mill and Food have the pleasure of bringing you back to the sweet flavour – and to the dream which goes along with it – with the help of art pieces and authentic objects (like candy boxes, candy dishes, candissoirs, curberdons moulds, sweet offerings, old engravings, sugared almonds machines, confectioner’s tools, and so forth).

Everything’s good in sweets!

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