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09.09.2010 > 31.08.2011 :

Breakfast Time ! A History of Breakfast. Here and Elsewhere.

Wake up! It's breakfast time!

First meal of the day, the breakfast can be very different from one country to the other. People can either have bread and wine or rice and vegetables, English breakfast or café-croissant... Our morning habits reflect our cultural identity, forged since childhood. Menus are a summary of various influences, sometimes dating back to very old times, and take us along historical, beautiful and tasty  discoveries.

The visitor is invited to travel through Europe and the rest  of the world with the help of 220 authentical objects, of visits "gourmandes"  or of food workshops.

Fun and interaction are on the agenda, as soon as you've jumped out of bed! Come and join us!


Please download our ful programme, here !

Please don't hesitate to require them!